Diana Bengals

We are absolutely in love with our new bengal kitten! You can tell Diana puts a lot of love and hard work into her litters. When we first went to see our new kitten, the Queen and her litter were so socialised, playful and loving towards us. When the day came to pick up our kitten, Diana was very informative and helpful with any questions we had. The hand over process was complete and thorough. Our kitten settled in quickly and was litter trained, wormed and up to date with all his shots. Our kitten is both playful and loving, not just with us, but with new people too. I believe this is down to Diana and how well she socialises the kittens throughout their first weeks in the world. Be careful if you go to view any kittens as you’ll want to take them all home! Thank you again Diana. We are so happy with our new furry addition.
Richard&Nelly. Buffalo, NY

We would like to thank Diana so very much for our beautiful kitten. It is clear that Diana works incredibly hard at producing kittens that have superb rosetting, but are also so very healthy and have such great temperaments. Woody settled into our family straight away, from the minute he came out of the cat carrier. He isn’t at all fazed by our three children wanting to be near him all the time. He’s everything we wanted in a Bengal kitten, and so much more.
Darren, Houston, TX

We cannot overstate just how quickly our kitten settled into our busy family home. She has clearly had a fantastic first three months before we took her home. She is playful, curious and so affectionate. We would highly recommend a kitten from Diana.
Aysa abd Bury, Auburn, NY

I highly recommend purchasing a Bengal kitten from Diana Bengals. Our kitten, Mufasa, is absolutely adorable. He has the most wonderful temperament and is the sweetest and most affectionate kitten ever! I am just so happy to have him. Diana has been wonderful and so supportive throughout the process. She is always available to provide helpful advice.
Kashif, Denver, CO

Temperament, character and sociability are created, not only from good breeding, but nurturing too. Diana’s kittens come with all the above in spade fulls. My new boy is the most affectionate kitten. I have to commend Diana on her professionalism, attention to detail and, above else, her support and kindness. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.
Alex, cleveland, OH

We are absolutely thrilled with our two beautiful and very happy Dianabengal kittens. Diana has been amazingly supportive and has answered all our questions along the way.
Stephanie, Neston, Lincoln, NE

We absolutely love our little boy. He is perfectly healthy, well socialised and friendly, and instantly fitted in with our family. Diana was exceptionally accommodating and has been available for anything we have needed. She has made such a difference in helping adjust to having a new member of our family.
Sara, Chicago, IL

Our lovely kitten, Ziggy, settled in immediately, so much so that it feels like he’s been with us forever. He is great with our dog too. Diana was very professional and helpful during the whole process of buying our kitten, and she planned everything to perfection. Ziggy is the perfect addition to our family and we wouldn’t hesitate in buying another kitten from Diana.
Patricia, Flixton, syracuse, ny

From the very beginning, Diana has been a delight to deal with. Her knowledge of the breed is exemplary and we knew the kittens she breeds would be happy and healthy when they went to their new homes. The kittens are brought up in a loving, family environment and it’s obvious that no expense is spared on their welfare. Our new kitten is absolutely stunning and would recommend Diana Bengals to anyone interested in buying a Bengal kitten.
Fabrizio, new york city

We have the sweetest and most beautiful Bengal kitten from Diana. She has settled in so well. I am just so impressed at how professional Diana is, which meant we could just concentrate on our new family member. I would highly recommend Diana Bengals and Diana’s great service.
Matthew, eastern NC

We want to thank Diana so much for our stunning Bengal kitten, Solo. He has settled in so well with our family, and right from the start he loved playing with our 3 young children. He already plays with our two Cocker Spaniels and curls up with them to sleep. Diana has undoubted expertise and answered all our questions and offered valuable advice. Our kitten is healthy, has a wonderful nature and is just so loving. He is a real credit to Diana.
Richard, worcester, MA

Our new kitten, Oakley, is amazing, and so friendly and affectionate. Diana has given him the best start in life and he is super sociable. Even though he had never met a dog in his life, he took meeting our two Labradors completely in his stride. I would recommend Diana Bengals to anyone thinking of getting a Bengal kitten.
Pamela, Flint, MI

After losing our beloved 18 year old Bengal, we wanted another. However, we knew that Taz would be a hard act to follow. Diana was extremely patient and helped to make sure our new kitten was exactly right for us. Not only does he look stunning, but he has been very well socialised. He is friendly and confident. You can tell how much time Diana has spent loving him already! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend one of Diana’s kittens.
Kerri, Binghamton, NY

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Diana Bengals to anyone wanting a Bengal kitten. Our kitten, Timi, is so friendly, playful and really socialable. I can’t believe how well he has settled in already. He is so stunning and gorgeous and I want to thank Diana for all the valuable advice and the care she has already given him. Both my kitten and Diana’s service are great!
Chenghao, oneonta, ny

This was our first kitten and Diana has been absolutely fantastic, right from the original enquiry, receiving a thorough welcome pack so we were prepared for our kitten in advance of bringing him home, to actually collecting our Bengal kitten. She is very friendly and gave us really good advice. An excellent service throughout from Diana Bengals.
Naeem, albuquerque,nm

We contacted Diana at Diana Bengals after researching Bengal breeders for quite a few months. Nala, our beautiful brown rosetted kitten, settled into our home immediately, exploring and playing. She is so pretty, with fantastic rosetting and such a smooth, shiny coat. She is just so affectionate too. The welcome pack was great and we feel at ease knowing that Diana is just at the other end of the phone if we need any extra advice. I thoroughly reccomend Diana Bengals.
Paul, Memphis, TN

Our beautiful, gorgeous kitten settled into our home straight away and is playful, confident and affectionate. Diana even arranged transport to the Isle of Man for us and we were kept regularly updated during the journey. He had been so well cared for during the transport by boat and he arrived so happy.
Jade, Ramsey, orlando, fl

I did a lot of research into finding the right breeder before buying our new Bengal kitten. Diana was both professional and informative in all her discussions about her kittens. We are delighted with Zyla, who settled into our family immediately. Her appearance is stunning and her chatty and confident character is adorable.

From the very beginning Diana was extremely kind, professional and warm. Our kitten is perfect and our experience with Diana was outstanding. Her kittens are exceptionally well looked after, very sociable and amazing looking. I am very grateful for what she does as her knowledge and expertise are evident in my kitten who settled in so well and is very sweet and affectionate. Diana’s level of knowledge of the bengal breed is exceptional and she has always answered all my questions.
Bahador, rockford, il

The beautiful Bengal kitten we bought from Diana at Diana Bengals is everything we hoped she could be. She is super playful, really friendly and loves cuddles. Diana is great and helped us with everything. She has so much knowledge about the Bengal breed and she has been lovely to deal with. I would highly recommend Diana Bengals.
Tomasz, NYC

We’re really happy with our kitten from Diana Bengals. He is incredibly friendly and sociable, as well as being beautiful and is already an active member of our family. Diana really cares for her cats and kittens, her handover is very smooth and she gave me lots of helpful information. She was also flexible with our pick up date which really helped us.
Sarah, Wyoming

I am very happy with my new family member and would definately recommend Diana Bengals. Diana’s Bengals are beautiful and so well looked after. Diana is very professional and it was a pleasure dealing with her.
Jon, Derby

We are so pleased and proud to be the owners of an DianaBengal kitten and so glad we chose Diana to buy a kitten from. She settled in so well from the very first night. She has beautiful markings, is a wonderful girl and is so loving and playful.
Sadie, Sulby, Dallas