Diana Bengals

About Us

Welcome to Diana Bengals. My name is Diana and my husband is Chris, We are based in Burlington, NY. We have loved Bengal Cats since 18 years now and it gives us great joy to share some little information about Bengal Cats. Health and socialization are top priorities in our cats. Our cats are HCM tested and PK Deficiency tested. The kittens are all examined by our vet who vaccinates them as well. We feed royal canin, royal cannin 32/34, grade raw food and fresh meat, and are happy to help you learn how easy and inexpensive feeding raw can be. If raw feeding isn’t for you, we will guide you through a selection process to find a food that meets both your needs and the needs of your new Bengal kitten.

  Since my husband bought our first Bengal cat, our eyes for the cats and knowledge of the breed development has been clarified and refined. While we specialize in retaining the wild essence and type of the Asian Leopard cat, we currently have snow Bengal and brown spotted Bengal kittens available for adoption. I enjoy sharing the Bengal cat information I’ve gain with over 18 years experience in Bengals.

  I grew up loving cats – lions were my favorite.  As a child Lello, my female orange cat, was my bed warmer, tear dryer, cuddler, and listener.  But today i have come to realized that Bengal cats are the best cats ever to have as a pet!.

As responsible Bengal cat owner, we are utilize all the testing available to us to do our best to bring healthy kittens. Our adults see the cardiologist every 12-18 months to check their hearts for any signs of heart disease. We also use the genetic tests offered by UC Davis for Pk – Deficiency and PRA. These tests are great as they guarantee the kittens will not develop those diseases at any point in their lifetime. Our cats are all fed homemade raw food, so they are not exposed to the poor ingredients that often result in the recall of commercial cat foods. Our kittens come with a one-year, loop-hole-free health hand written guarantee.

With our 18 years wealth of knowledge and experience, we will be here to assist you with all your questions throughout your cat’s lifespan to learn more about us and Bengal cats.